Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Book review - Explore 360: The Tomb of Tutankhamun

This week Harry has been spending a lot of time reading Explore 360: The Tomb of Tutankhamun (affiliate link), a fantastic new book from Carlton Kids.

Book review - Explore 360: The Tomb of Tutankhamun

Although the book is focused around the tomb of Tutankhamen and its discovery, the book begins with plenty of information about all aspects of ancient Egyptian life to help put it all into context - for example the geography of the area, the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings as a whole as well as other famous temples, along with details about everyday life at that time. 

Book review - Explore 360: The Tomb of Tutankhamun

There are a couple of brilliant double page spreads, one about how mummies were prepared, the different ceremonies and rituals, and what the ancient Egyptians believed happened after death, as well as one showing some of the objects and wall paintings from the tomb. Harry loves these pages!

Book review - Explore 360: The Tomb of Tutankhamun

When the book moves on to dealing specifically with Tutankhamun's tomb there is a huge amount of detail, but as there are plenty of photos and illustrations along with easy to access blocks of text, Harry lapped it all up. The story begins with the search for the tomb, some information about Tutankhamun's life, all leading up to the exciting moment when a hidden staircase was discovered. The book takes us through what was found in each room, how it was all excavated, and where the treasures can be found today. 

A great feature of this book is that it has an accompanying free app. Once downloaded you can explore Tutankhamun's tomb by moving your tablet around and zooming in for a closer look at some of the objects inside. It's really good and helps bring the tomb to life as well as helping to get a feel for the size and scale inside the tomb. The book also links to the app, with notes to tell you whereabouts you are located in the tomb as you read each page so that you can explore through the app at the same time.

Book review - Explore 360: The Tomb of Tutankhamun

Ancient Egypt and the tomb of Tutankhamum is an absolutely fascinating subject to explore and this book has really sparked Harry's interest - we've been watching lots of videos about the tomb and he's been looking through the photographs from when Ram and I visited the area a few years ago - the book is definitely going to be a bookshelf staple!

I received a copy of this book to review, Amazon link is affiliate.

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