Wednesday 1 June 2016

Crafting without a dedicated crafting area

Through my blog reading and Pinterest browsing I see lots of inspiration when it comes to designing and using a craft room. In our house we actually have a room that I could use as a craft room, it's light and spacious with plenty of room for a desk and storage. The trouble is that it's at the very top of the house and I think I'd get lonely up there all by myself - I like to be downstairs where everyone else is!

Crafting without a dedicated crafting area

So instead my crafting and craft storage is spread all around the house. It's a bit inconvenient sometimes, especially as any messy craft has to be done on the kitchen table which then needs to be cleared up ready to eat dinner, but at least it means that the crafty mess is kept under control!

When it comes to crafts like crochet, knitting or hand sewing I tend to do them while sitting on the sofa. Ram and I watch a fair bit of television and films but he prefers to watch in the dark with full surround sound, so I have certain programmes that I watch by myself when he's away and can craft at the same time. Our sofa is very comfy and long so I can spread everything out, and pack it all away neatly when I've finished.

Crafting without a dedicated crafting area

For anything involving paint or lots of glue I work at the kitchen table. I use the dining table for my sewing machine as it's close to a plug socket, but it's a nice table so I'm quite careful about what I do there and I try to avoid using pens or glue. It's a good place for leaving in progress crafts out temporarily though as they don't get disturbed, Harry likes to build his Lego models there and I can leave out half finished Hama bead projects where they won't get knocked.

I have a very small desk space in front of my computer that I can use for smaller projects, especially if I'm following an online tutorial or using pictures from the internet as inspiration, or just if it's a smaller project that I don't want to be disturbed.

Crafting without a dedicated crafting area

When it comes to craft supply storage, I have things all over the house. Most of my yarn is in plastic drawers in the wardrobe, with an overflow in the guest bedroom. My Ikea wooden drawers house smaller bits and pieces as do extra baskets on my bookshelves, and I have a few odd things in a cupboard in the kitchen. All the things that the children use for crafting are also stored in the kitchen along with extra paint and glue. I also keep some of my prettiest craft supplies on display by my desk, like my buttons and current favourite washi tapes.

Crafting without a dedicated crafting area


  1. Hi, I also dont have a dedicated crafting room. I do most of my crafting on the sofa, and the recent purchase of a tv lap tray has made that much easier. I'm also lucky in that my flatmates don't mind me leaving stuff out. It does alter what projects I start though as longer-term projects need to be more storable than short ones

    1. Glad I'm not alone! Yes you're right it can be a bit limiting for projects that take up a lot of space or things that need to left out to dry and so on.


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