Sunday 27 November 2016

Book review - Prankenstein on Tour by Andy Seed

Prankenstein on Tour by Andy Seed (affiliate link) is the third book in the Prankenstein series, published this October by Fat Fox. Prankenstein is the prank-crazed alter-ego of Soapy Thompson, and when he is unleashed he can cause all sorts of mayhem.

Book review - Prankenstein on Tour

In this story, Soapy's Dad has won a cruise holiday for a family of five, and Soapy persuades him to invite his two best friends along as well, a good thing because there aren't many other children on the cruise ship. They have fun exploring the ship and generally causing mischief, but when pirates board the ship as they cruise past the East coast of Africa, and take his Mum hostage, Soapy's only hope is to turn into Prankenstein, and so the adventure really begins.

This book is very much the sort book that Harry enjoys. It's funny, has lots of pictures and diagrams, and in this case being set on a cruise ship was a big bonus as it's something that Harry could relate to. He really enjoyed it!

I received this book in exchange for a review.

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