Friday 14 April 2017

Ten Hama bead projects for adults

I love Hama beads, and in fact I think that I spend more time playing with them than the children! So I thought I'd round up ten of my favourite Hama bead projects that were made by me, and for me!

Ten Hama bead projects for adults

It's easy to brighten up your decor with some cheerful beaded projects. This Hama bead heart hanging decoration is a great way to fill a small narrow space on the wall, and was made for Valentine's Day. The Hama bead quilt style picture is so bright and colourful in a square frame in our bathroom, and I admire it every time I'm brushing my teeth!

Hama bead heart and quilt style picture

You can use Hama beads to make some lovely holders for battery powered tea lights (please note that these are not designed for real candles as that would be very unsafe). These Autumn battery powered tea light holders are made with beads in reds, oranges and greens, and these Christmas battery powered tea light holders are inspired by Scandi designs in red and white.

Hama bead candle holders

You can use Hama beads to add a touch of fun to some of the decorative objects around your home. I made some strips of Hama beads to wrap around a jam jar to make Hama bead covered pen and pencil holders, and I used two large square pegboards to make some Hama bead photo frames to display my favourite pictures.

Hama bead adult projects

The mini Hama beads are perfect for more intricate projects. My first mini Hama bead projects make lovely embellishments for card making, and I used some dragonfly and flower designs to make some mini Hama bead decorative plant markers.

Mini Hama bead projects

Finally I particularly love making seasonal Hama bead projects. For Easter I used the mini Hama beads to make some tiny Hama bead Easter eggs which can be used for card making or as shown in the photograph as little cake toppers. I used a larger version of the design in the midi beads to make some Hama bead Easter egg coasters, great for brightening up the table or for the first Spring drinks in the garden.

Hama bead Easter designs

I hope that you liked my Hama bead projects! Remember - Hama beads aren't just for children!

You can find many more of my Hama bead creations on my Hama beads page.

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