Saturday 27 May 2017

Enjoying the warm weather

Hasn't the weather this week been beautiful! Really warm and sunny - I really hope this means that summer is here!

I seem to spend quite a lot of my time indoors during the day, so I've been trying to make the effort this week to get out and about a bit. On Monday I went for a long walk. I'm trying to find the quickest way to walk to the sea directly from our house without having to go through the private estates that are all along the coast (I'm never really sure whether you are allowed to walk through them if you aren't visiting someone as I feel as though I look a bit suspicious, especially if I'm on my phone playing Pokemon Go). I found a route which came out on a lovely bit of beach that was peaceful and a nice place to stop for a few minutes.

Boat on the beach at Goring

I'm taking part in a midnight walk next month to raise money for the local hospice, so it was good practice! I'll be walking 7 miles, I don't think that the distance will be too challenging but the fact that I'll have to stay up until midnight before I can start might be! (I'm doing the walk as part of a team and I've not got started with asking for sponsors yet but I'll leave my link here in case anyone is interested in sponsoring me - Jennifer Jain on Just Giving).

I also went for a long walk along Littlehampton sea front with a friend, with a stop to sit outdoors and enjoy a drink and some cake. Unfortunately I wasn't as prepared for the sun with sun cream as I am when we are on holiday, and I now have a tan line which I'll be stuck with for the rest of t-shirt weather!

I've taken advantage of the nice weather to get the cars washed. I only wash the cars in the summer, and usually only once or twice a year, but each time I do it I promise myself that I'll increase the frequency. Let's see how long that resolution lasts! While I was out the front I noticed that the garage door and side door could do with a clean as well, so that's a task for the weekend if the warm weather holds.

Now that Harry can finally ride a bike we've bought him a decent bike that is the right size for him. Ram bought himself a new bike too so they can go out on bike rides together. I'm still debating whether or not I need a bike myself. I can't see any useful reason to have one as we live too far from school to cycle there and back and I can drive or walk to the shops. It would purely be for fun and keeping fit, and it's a lot of money to spend if I don't end up using it much. Cycle carriers, or at least ones that hold four bikes, are also quite pricy if we wanted to venture for cycle rides further afield.

I've made a start planting the vegetable patch although the weeds are growing faster than the vegetables at the moment so I need to sort that out. Likewise my beautifully jet washed paving slabs are starting to look a bit weedy so they need tidying up a bit too.

I'm really looking forward to the children being off next week and being able to spend some family time together - let's hope the lovely weather lasts!

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