Monday 26 February 2018

Why I like a long term craft project

For me, crafting is definitely more about the process than the product. I touched on that in my blog post about minimalist crafting - I love making things but I don't love having lots of clutter about, which is what would happen if I was constantly creating - all those finished items and of course the supplies that would need to be kept around as well. So I tend to go for smaller and easy to store crafts, like my smash book and my holiday scrapbooks, I like things that can be tucked away and don't take up lots of space.

I really love doing cross stitch, but I don't necessarily want my whole house to be a shrine to my completed projects, I would run out of wall space for a start! So I worked on my Moira Blackburn Three Things sampler for around seven years on and off when the mood took me, and for my latest project I've chosen another large piece, although I'm working through it more quickly than I expected! I've got my eye on some really massive cross stitch pieces, although they are very expensive so I need to be sure I'm choosing one that I want to dedicate lots of my time to!

My current work in progress is a Christmas sampler, so it won't be on display all the time. I'm thinking that I'll bring it out with the Christmas decorations and either replace one of the pictures already up or just prop it up in the fireplace (which we don't use!) as a seasonal decoration. I like seasonal crafts because you can appreciate them even more if they aren't around you all the time.

Christmas cross stitch sampler in progress

I also like making things that have a purpose. I have ended up with quite a few crochet blankets (and have another two currently on the go!) but I like blankets, they are functional and also decorative, I like having them around me so I can grab one if I need some warmth.

Crochet blanket on the bed

I also like sharing my progress with craft projects, mainly on Instagram and here on the blog, and watching my progress over time. Having a long term project gives me something to focus on as I can measure my progress and I enjoy working towards a goal.

I like to choose projects that have lots of different parts to them to keep me interested, although I don't tend to get bored, and projects with a lot of repetition are good for doing in front of the television or when I'm tired and not in the mood to concentrate too much. I also have several things on the go at once so I can swap between them, some portable for taking with me when go away or for moving around the house, and some which need to be worked on in one place with everything at hand.

If you need some ideas for a long term craft project, I put together a list of year long craft projects with plenty of inspiration!

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