Tuesday 19 November 2019

Things that my children are better at than I am

There are so many!

* Getting up early in the morning, no matter what time they went to bed the previous night.

* Spotting any tiny defect in their food - a speck of herb, a slight blemish on the skin of an apple, the uneven coating of sauce.

* Sleeping on planes, which has been quite a revelation after years of poor sleep.

* Maintaining will power. We have buckets of Halloween sweets yet to be eaten, if they were mine they would be long gone.

* Getting the entertainment system to do what it wants to. If I want to watch a particular programme when the husband is away I need to find a child to set it up for me.

* Playing Minecraft, especially on a tiny tablet screen. I just don't have the spacial awareness.

* Negotiation, whether it's a later bedtime, longer to read before lights out, or just one more round of a board game.

* Staying hydrated - fuelled by the need for constant access to a bottle of water throughout the day.

* Confidence in their creative abilities - whether that's drawing, writing, or a Minecraft build.

* Racking up the steps on their FitBits - this morning I was astonished to discover they had each clocked up nearly 1000 steps by just eating breakfast, dressing and brushing teeth. What are they doing? Are they cheating?!

* Swimming front crawl. I'm sure that I could do it once, but now I just can't get everything co-ordinated.

* Grammar terms. All my grammar knowledge comes from learning languages at a higher level, and even then I don't know some of the things that they come out with.

Two children on holiday in Puerto Rico

What do you wish you could do as well as your children?

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  1. hehehe! This did make me chuckle. My girls are experts at getting up early. I could easily stay in bed until gone 10am every morning. hehehe
    I get the kids to sort electronics out for me too and I am useless at Minecraft. x


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