Thursday 9 April 2020

What carpet to choose for a child's room?

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A correctly selected carpet will make the nursery beautiful and, no less important, comfortable for the life of the child. When choosing a carpet for the nursery, one should pay attention to several basic aspects described in this article.

The Composition of the Carpet 

When choosing a rug in a child’s room, it is especially important to pay attention to the composition of the carpet product. It is the composition of the carpet that determines its safety for a growing organism, as well as indicators of wear resistance.

There are two main compositional options: carpets made of natural materials and synthetic carpets.

Natural carpets, that is, woolen, silk or knitted, are an excellent choice due to the durability of such a product, as well as the lack of synthetics, which for many is one of the main arguments in its favor. It should be understood that in case of exposure to allergies, just a wool carpet will cause harm to the health of the child. Despite its longevity, natural carpets are difficult for steam cleaning and do not tolerate moisture. As a result, they are not very suitable for children over three years of age, whose active games will quickly leave their marks on the carpet.

Synthetic carpets are a good choice for a child’s room for several reasons. The lack of wool in such carpets is great for children who are allergic. At the same time, the practicality of synthetic carpets is undeniable, since they are much better at cleaning from stains - a very important property for a children's room. An important fact is also a much lower price than natural carpets, which will allow you to refresh the interior of a nursery with a new carpet without regrets in a few years: children grow quickly, and their tastes also change!

Child playing with toys on a carpet
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Carpet in the Kids Room: Proper Carpet Cleaning Techniques 

A very important point in carpet care is cleaning. The process of domestic carpet cleaning must combine efficiency and safety. Quite often, preparations are not environmentally friendly, and those that comply with environmental standards are ineffective. Particularly acute question of choice of cleaning products arises if necessary, to clean the carpet in the nursery.

How to make it as safe as possible and with a good result? The best way is to use recommended carpet cleaning companies, but not everyone has such an opportunity. At home, you can use the following tips:

It is worth mentioning that carpets for children room are made of polypropylene: they are convenient and safe to clean with baking soda. To do this, you can scatter the powder with rubbing movements, then wait 20-30 minutes and collect with a vacuum cleaner. Effectively use soda solution. To this end, 100 grams of soda should be dissolved in 5 liters of water. Then you need to spray the product, but make sure that the carpet is not too wet, let it dry, vacuum, and on both sides.

A typical problem for kids’ room is smashed chewing gum on the carpet. The best chewing gum carpet cleaner is ice. Wrap a cold generator or ice cube in a plastic bag, attach it to the stain and hold until it hardens. After that, it can be gently pry and removed from the pile. So in this case, you don’t even need a carpet cleaner. By the way, they do the same in removing traces of paraffin or wax. Proper care of children's carpets will create the necessary hygienic conditions, preserve their appearance and extend their life.

What is the Best Domestic Carpet Cleaning Method? 

Let's say right away: the best tool for carpets is to use professional carpet cleaning, where specialists will clean the coating with the most effective and safe means for it. However, we understand that carpet cleaning is equally required for both a small carpet in the living room and carpet fixed with furniture. For that reason, you can take advantage of steam carpet cleaning services, offered by many cleaning companies in London. The deep carpet cleaning experts will come to the given by you address and will perform the carpet steam cleaning procedure. It will take only 2-3 hours and you will enjoy a brand new looking carpet, free of stains, spots and bacteria!

Vacuum on a carpet
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