Tuesday 19 May 2020

My latest watercolour paintings - I'm going through my Blue Period

I am taking part in a 100 day challenge to draw and/or paint a page in my sketchbook every day for 100 days. I'm up to day 45 now, and I'm really enjoying taking a few minutes every day to play with watercolour paints and water. I like to think that I'm improving too! For the last week or so my paintings have been following a bit of a theme and so I thought I'd share some of them here. I'm definitely going through a Blue Period!

Blue watercolour tulips against a purple wash

Blue watercolour background with white splatters

Three blue watercolour tulips

Four blue watercolour tulips with grassy base

Black silhouette head against blue and purple watercolour background

I've been experimenting with various different ways of using the paints - dry on wet, wet on wet, wet on dry. I've been using washes, splattering, painting with different sized brushes, working quickly while the paper is wet and working slowly with different areas drying in between.

I've always been drawn to blues and purples, I'm not sure why. I don't think that it's a reflection of my current state of mind! I'm so glad that I decided to start this challenge, it's definitely given me something to focus on during this strange time, and my confidence at drawing and painting has really increased. I'll enjoy looking back through the pages in my sketchbook in the future and it will definitely act as a reminder for this period in my life.

My blue tulips are heavily influenced by a print by Scott Olson that we have on our bedroom wall. We bought it from Ikea years ago when we were first setting up home, and I'm sure that it has since been displayed on walls across the country!

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