Saturday 25 July 2020

My next completed project - the Smash Book

Another month and another unfinished craft project completed - my Smash Book!

Actually this one isn't quite completed, as it's an ongoing project. Smash Books were very popular a few years ago and I'm not sure why they fell out of favour as I really like the concept. It's a sturdy, spiral bound journal with a vague theme. Along with it comes a combined pen and glue stick. The idea is that you grab bits of ephemera - ticket stubs, photos, magazine cuttings and so on - then glue them in and add some journalling with the pen. It's a fun way to quickly scrapbook things that have meaning to you or make you feel inspired.

Smash Book and ephemera papers

I started my Smash Book a few years ago - you can see some of my first Smash Book pages here. I mainly used it to display mementoes from our holidays. But alongside I was also collecting a huge folder of bits and pieces, some of them collected over years and years. The folder was full of things that I intended to put in the Smash Book but hadn't got around to, and it was getting fuller and fuller. So I wanted to sort it all out, have a bit of a declutter, and stick in everything that I had so far to make it easier to keep up with in the future.

Some of the pages are quite obvious in their theme and relate to a particular holiday or event.

Smash book pages with tickets and travel mementoes

Some of the pages are just random collections of pictures that I've found in various different places and stuck together in a way that appeals to me. 

Smash book pages with collage pictures

And other pages are a mixture of the two, with both pictures and mementoes.

Smash book pages with tickets and pictures

There are still plenty of empty pages and so I'll still be adding to it over the years until there is no room left, but it's completely manageable now and I'm really enjoying flipping through it and seeing all my memories.

And now I'm actually getting to the end of my list of unfinished projects! I'm honestly not sure what to work on next. I'd like to find something small that I can finish quickly, as I'm using my extra crafting time to work on a very long term project, my cross stitch map. It would be amazing if I could find the time to make that December's unfinished project, and complete it before the end of the year!

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