Wednesday 3 February 2021

February goals

I realise that I'm a few days late with this post. But I decided that February 1st was a good time to come up with some goals for this month. 

Why? Well it fell on a Monday so the start of a new week. February is a short month, the days are getting longer and finally, with my positive thinking hat very firmly hat, this will be our last full month of lockdown! And it also gives me a chance to catch up with the ones that fell by the wayside in January...

So here goes:

Focus on the children and their mental health. Spend time with them, talk to them, help them with what they need, read to them, take them out for some fresh air both together and individually.

Have painted nails all month. This stops me nibbling on them, but does also make me feel a bit more put together and motivated.

Lose that Christmas/January weight. I don't have much to lose, but it really needs to go otherwise I just get used to it and add to it. I want a reasonably flat stomach again!

Keep up the exercise. I've been doing really well with this anyway. I can't really get out for a run at the moment because I can't fit it in around the children so I've been doing regular exercise videos on YouTube. Then last week my husband activated his three month free trial of Apple Fitness+ so we've been working our way through lots of those. I don't have an Apple watch myself but I still enjoy the workouts, and we're finding them really good and varied. We also have a decent cross trainer on order which is due for delivery at the end of the month.

Order seeds and compost. I don't want to get caught out like last lockdown when the choice was so limited! But I was pleased with what I did manage to order from Suttons, so I've requested a catalogue to browse through.

Big pile of seed packets

Make a plan for the pallet that I have had in the garage for several years. I want to paint it and turn it into some kind of planter, but I keep putting if off. This year's the year!

Upload a YouTube video. I've got out of the habit, but the truth is that I do make a few pounds each month from my channel so I need to keep it active. I don't have any fancy equipment but I have a few ideas, and  I'm also going through some of our old family home videos and looking for interesting footage. Like this one that I made of our family trip to Disneyland, California back in 1993.

Lots to be getting on with there!

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  1. Good luck with your goals.
    The days really are getting longer. I noticed tonight there was still light at 5pm.
    I might try painting my nails to see if I feel more put together because I don't at the moment x


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