Thursday 3 June 2021

My goals for May - update

The last month has gone by so quickly! We seem to have been very busy, we've started to go out and about a bit more and see friends and family now that the restrictions are gradually being lifted. 

At the beginning of the month I shared my goals for May, and so here's how I got on with them:

Publish a YouTube video - Perhaps a bit of a cheat this one but I got a video published! I hunted through the family home video archives and put together a video from our visit to Euro Disneyland, Disneyland Paris as it is now, back in 1994. I've published similar videos from other Disney parks and they've done well so I thought it would be nice to share the footage. 

Don't go on Twitter - I have managed this very well. The only time that I went on Twitter was to look for photos of Mia on a school trip that were being published throughout the day. It's definitely made a big difference to my phone use. I didn't do quite so well at the second part of this goal which was to avoid looking at the news constantly. I have cut down though.

Read at least two of the books stacked up on my Kindle - This was a fail I'm afraid. I borrowed so many good books from the library this month that I didn't even pick up the Kindle! Perhaps when the library stops doing free reservations I'll get back to the Kindle books. 

Get even closer to my flexibility goal - I've been continuing with the daily stretches and am still noticing improvements, I'm getting close!

Publish at least two crafty blog posts - I've enjoyed working on some bloggable crafts this month. I've shared my Hama bead flower upcycled tin cans and my white painted pallet planter.

Make a start on the border of my cross stitch - I've not worked a huge amount of my cross stitch this month but I have begun the border. It's more difficult than it looks, and the whole thing is going to take me a very long time!

Olde World Map cross stitch border in progress

Make Mia's birthday special - I hope that she had a lovely birthday. We were finally able to host the sleepover that she has been looking forward to since it was cancelled last year. Her best twin friends stayed over and they did everything that she wanted to - they played a game where they had to eat doughnuts suspended from string, went in the hot tub, played Roblox together actually in the same room instead of online and ate lots of party food. 

For her cake she requested a chocolate cake themed around her Roblox YouTube channel. I can bake a decent sponge but I'm not very good at cake decorating so I cheated a bit and ordered a printed fondant cake topper from Amazon. I think that it fulfilled the brief!

Roblox birthday cake with printed cake topper

You can see my new goals for June here. 

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  1. I love the Disney nostalgia video. It was very wet wasn't it.


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