Tuesday 7 December 2021

The best winter destinations in Greece

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From the bars of Ioannina to the slopes of Parnassos and from the shores of Karpenisi to the cobbled streets of Pelion, mountainous Greece excites us, invites us to discover it again and again. Every season, we make plans and plan our winter getaways that will be etched in our memory forever. Let's discover some of the best winter destinations in enchanting Greece that you can discover:


In the winter sunshine, stone squares of Pelion and tsipouro, routes in the plane trees overlooking the sea, kokoretsi at the Old Station in Milies, dishes with wild mushrooms in Tsagarada, and horse rides in Argalasti. Classic, favourite, well-travelled, Pelion is a mountain that can still surprise us. Each village has its own lifestyle. Makrinitsa and Portaria are the closest villages to Volos, in fact they are its balcony. Fixed value Milies and Vyzitsa - especially the latter is famous for their mansions that have been converted into hostels.

Tsagarada and Zagora highlight in the most representative way the profile of eastern Pelion with the wild vegetation and the view of the wonderful beaches of the Aegean. Finally, Argalasti and Lafkos are the sweetest and Mediterranean version of the mountain, with their endless olive groves, the "lake" view of the closed bay of the Pagasitikos and the calm rhythms. Of course, the villages are not exhausted in this first description. 

Have an appetite, and your car counter can write endless kilometres, as you will explore its dozens of settlements, from Chania ski resort to the "island" Trikeri at the tip of the peninsula. Of course, we suggest you have your own vehicle to discover the above magical locations. An ideal solution is to turn to one of the economical solutions for the company Enjoy Travel's rental cars at fantastic prices.


Stunned by the turns of Timfristos, you can drink the first coffee in the central square of Karpenisi. The musical background, the wind between the dry leaves of the plane trees, the locals' conversations, and the growling of the cars that leave hurriedly for the valley of Karpenisiotis. This route of 33 km will impress you as many times as we cross it: river, forest, mountain, the ultimate triptych of the mountain landscape. Mikro and Megalo Chorio and Koryschades are the most beautiful villages on the route, and their well-kept hostels make us prefer them for accommodation in the valley.


Ioannina has an old town inside the castle and is one of the most beautiful in Greece, and has dozens of options for excursions outside of it. Weekend in Ioannina means, first of all, walking inside the castle, on the waterfront and on the island itself. These are the most picturesque parts of the city, while the most crucial part of the nightlife are the streets around the waterfront and those in the centre. But it is also worth exploring the rest of the city: to buy a bougatsa from the "cult" shops on Averof Street and to browse the famous Saturday street market where various grandmothers carry their fresh vegetables from the village for great prices. For boiled soup and panoramic view, finally, go up to the village of Ligiades for the best view of Pamvotida.

Mountains at dawn
Photo credit Markos Mant via Unsplash

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