Monday 31 January 2022

Five best cities in Europe to live

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Are you planning to start a new life abroad? 

Perhaps you’re already fantasising about your dream location. Or maybe you’re ready to start a new life, and just waiting for the inspiration to tell you where to go.

Europe is full of some amazing cities to build a fabulous life, but with so many options to choose from you can find yourself spoilt for choice. Not sure where your next adventure will take you? Here are just five of Europe’s best cities. 


Edinburgh is a frequent entry in the indexes of the best cities to live. Scotland’s capital is steeped in history and packed full of stunning architecture. 

The country also enjoys some perks that the rest of the UK doesn’t, such as free prescriptions and university. You might be a little colder than you would south of the border, but if you don’t mind the frost, then a new life in Scotland should be a strong contender. 


If it’s a better quality of life you’re looking for, then consider moving to Copenhagen – in fact, this Danish city is widely regarded as one of the happiest places on earth… even happier than the Magic Kingdom! 

The city’s commitment to going green has also seen bikes outnumbering cars in their bid to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Copenhagen excels in a range of areas, including achieving the status as safest city in the world to live in.


Portugal was hit hard by the 2008 financial crash, but the capital of Lisbon has come back stronger than ever. This beautiful city is not only vibrant, but it’s affordable too.

If you want to move somewhere with warm weather and friendly locals, then this could be just the place for you. Moving abroad comes with a whole host of stresses, but the country’s Golden Visa programme welcomes investors into the country, and you’ll find your dream home with the likes of Property Lisbon, who have a wealth of information available on the process. 

As one of the most promising locations for international investors, Portugal also boasts a remarkable quality of life for its residents. 

Lisbon city with tram
Photo credit Aayush Gupta via Unsplash


Amsterdam has grown into a popular, modern city that has managed to retain the feeling of quaintness. How many other cities in the world can you live that feel more like a village? 

As with Copenhagen, bikes are prevalent, mirroring the green attitude of the Netherlands. And if you’re a little slow at learning languages, English is prevalent with more than 90% of the Dutch population able to speak conversational English – this means you’ll get around just fine while you’re picking up the language! 

Amsterdam canal and boats
Photo credit Adrien Olichon via Unsplash


If you’re after a better work/life balance, then Sweden’s capital should be high on your list.

So, the winter’s get pretty cold, but you do get least five weeks holiday a year! If you’re looking to move for work, start looking into openings in Sweden for your industry.

Are you thinking of adventuring abroad? Tell us about your plans in the comments below! 

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