Friday 13 May 2022

I love paper books but I wouldn't be without my Kindle

Recently I wrote all about my love for paper books, and it is true that when it comes to reading I do much prefer a physical book that I can hold in my hand and enjoy the reading experience. 

But I also love my faithful Kindle, and it definitely has an important part to play in my reading life. In particular I get a lot of use out of my Kindle when we go away on holiday. I love the fact that I can bring along a huge selection of my books including old favourites, easy reads and non fiction so I always have something to read to suit every mood.

I always have a lovely time the week before a holiday browsing through the free Kindle books on Amazon and looking through the Amazon Prime Reading selection to line up some holiday reading. I very rarely buy a Kindle book as I'd rather spend the money on a physical book, and yet I never seem to run out of Kindle books to read as there are so many free ones available, especially if you are a Prime member. You just need to keep checking through the free Kindle books or hunt down classic books which are out of copyright. I never get through all the books that I download, so I have plenty left for my return!

The Kindle is so small and light that it's easy to take out and about with me in my handbag, and I can read it while I'm doing things around the house - stirring dinner, brushing my teeth, even eating. Because my Kindle is getting quite old now I'm not too worried about leaving it unattended in a beach bag if I'm in the water, or in the car while I'm collecting the children. I also enjoy the privacy aspect - people can't judge me on my book choice if I'm reading in public!

Person reading a Kindle on the beach
Photo credit Maarten van den Heuvel via Unsplash

It might not be the same experience for me as reading a physical book but I do love all the benefits!

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