Wednesday 22 February 2023

Why I always have a book on the go

There are lots of reasons that I always like to have a book on the go. And as I come to the end of a book I already know which one I'll be picking up next, and I have a sizeable to be read pile to choose from.

I need to have a book on the go because I'm always turning to it throughout the day - when I'm waiting for other people to get ready, when I'm cooking dinner, when I'm eating alone, when I just want a distraction from what I should be doing. I prefer to pick up a book rather than my phone, and I love arriving early for school pick up and having some time to read in the car.

But one of the main reasons that I like to have a book on the go is because it means that I always have something to think about. I spend a lot of my time doing things that need my attention but not my full attention. Like driving to school and back, exercising, doing housework, chopping up food, sorting out washing and so on. My mind is always active, and I much prefer to have something positive to be thinking about!

So when I'm reading a book I'm always thinking about what's going on, the characters, the issues that they are facing and how it relates to my own life. I like to run through what has happened, what might happen next, whether I would behave in the same way to the book characters or not. All the books that I enjoy have something in them that appeals to me, whether it's a particular location or activity, and I like thinking about how I could incorporate that into my own life. Like spending more time on a particular hobby, or planning somewhere that I want to visit.

It means that I can keep my mind active even when I'm not actually reading, and it gives me much more interesting and positive things to think about than worrying about unimportant things in my daily life!

Woman reading book by plant
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Do you always have a book on the go?

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