Wednesday 5 July 2023

How I use my journal to spark my creativity (plus some creative journaling prompts)

I've written a lot about my journal recently, mainly because I'm really enjoying writing in it regularly. As well as helping me to get my thoughts in order, I've found that writing and drawing in the journal has really helped with my creativity. Sometimes I make collages using things that I've collected like tickets or pictures from leaflets, and I often do a quick illustration of something and splash some paint around.

Things that I've written about in my journal have sparked ideas for blog posts and craft projects that I want to work on. I've been enjoying looking around for simple things that I can draw to illustrate posts, and pleasantly surprised when an illustration has turned out how I want it to. I make lists of things that I want to try, I write about memories that have been sparked by things I've seen or heard and I write about things that I've seen in the news or social media and my reactions to them. I do use it as a diary as well but I don't record everything that has happened in the day, it's more open ended.

There are lots of guided journals that you can buy to help you with your creativity, but although I've had a look at some of them I don't think they are for me. Instead I've put together a list of journal prompts which I think would be really helpful if you are trying to use a journal to spark your creativity. Some of these I've tried, and the rest I am planning to try!

Journaling prompts to spark thoughts about creativity

What is the difference between a creative process and the end result?

Make a list of ways to get out of a creative block - like going for a walk, sitting outside, visiting a particular place, spending time with a particular person

Make a list of the craft supplies in your stash - what do you tend to collect and what could you do with it?

Plan for creative occasions that you like to craft for - Christmas, birthdays and so on.

Make a list of crafts or activities that you would like to try one day

What makes you feel inspired to create? What blocks you?

What creative projects are you most proud of?

Make a list of unfinished craft projects then use the list to make a decision about each one - whether to set a goal to complete it, pass it on to someone else to complete or to quietly dispose of it.

How has your creativity changed at different stages in your life - for example as a child or as a parent

Do you like to share your creative output with others or do you keep it to yourself? 

Does social media give us unrealistic expectations of creativity, or a fear of comparing ourselves to others?

For many more ideas see this brilliant list of 100 Journaling Questions to Spark Creativity

Illustrated journal page by Elena Mozhvilo
Photo credit Elena Mozhvilo via Unsplash

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