Thursday 22 February 2024

Walking in the rain

I love going out for a walk, and as well as my regular runs I also venture out for plenty of walks around my local area. I don't go very far, just a short wander around the estate for half an hour or so, often after lunch. It's not always easiest at this time of year, especially when it's as cold and rainy as it has been lately. 

But I do enjoy taking my walk in the rain. One is that there are fewer people out - because I'm regularly out and about I bump into the same people over and over again and I always feel the need to notice them and smile a greeting! A lack of people also means that I can stop to take photographs of my lovely boots in a puddle without people wondering what I'm up to. 

Boots standing in a puddle

It's soothing to hear the sound of the raindrops falling around me, and as long as I'm well wrapped up I don't get too cold or wet. It's a great feeling to come back inside with a head full of fresh air and tired legs, put on some dry clothes and socks and make myself a hot drink to warm up.

When there has been lots of rain I like to visit the attenuation pond at the bottom of our estate. It's a fancy name for a sunken grassy area which is designed to collect excess rainwater so that it doesn't overwhelm the local drains. When we moved here about ten years ago I can't remember it ever being wet, but lately it seems to be flooded quite a lot of the time. 

Recently two new life rings appeared, one on each side. Not long ago, a couple of local ladies that enjoy sea swimming filmed themselves swimming in the new 'Lido', complete with their wild swimming floats, and I can't help thinking that this is what triggered their installation! Even at its very wettest the water doesn't get deeper than a foot or so, but I suppose better safe than sorry!

Life rings next to an attenuation pond

I prefer a warmer walk in the rain to an icy walk in the cold - although I'm very much looking forward to warmer walks to come as spring approaches!

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  1. I hate being out in the rain at this time of year but in the summer I love going out in the rain!
    The attenuation pond near you sounds interesting.


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