Monday 27 May 2024

Reasons that I give up on a book

There are so many books in the world, and although I'm a fast reader there's no way that I could ever read every book that I want to. I usually give a book a good go, but I won't stick with a book that I'm not enjoying. There are always plenty more waiting!

Here are some of the reasons that I'll put a book aside before finishing it:

  • Too many similar characters are introduced quickly, or the names of individual characters are too similar. I enjoy books with varied and interesting characters, but I need to be able to distinguish them from each other.
  • I can't relate to the main character - maybe they make decisions that I don't agree with or they are simply so unlike me that I can't imagine them.
  • Complicated family histories - I can only enjoy books like this if they have a family tree to refer to at the beginning!
  • It's badly written with spelling or grammar mistakes. This is rare, but happens sometimes with the free self-published books that I download for my Kindle. Similarly with sentences that just don't flow, geographical errors or unrealistic dialogue. It just bothers me too much!
  • It was a book that was recommended to me or that 'everyone' should read, but once I start it I realise that it's not my thing at all. 

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  • It is too violent, especially violence against women. And although I'm not averse to a bedroom scene or two I don't always need to know all the details!
  • It's very long or the print is very small. I can handle a long book but only a couple of year - the last one was The Count of Monte Cristo which I loved but it took weeks and I'm used to finishing a book every couple of days! I have War and Peace lined up in my reading pile but it's just too daunting at the moment!
  • I started it at a bad time - maybe just before we went away on holiday and so I forgot where I was up to, or I was given a more enticing book to read which took my interest away. Sometimes I come back to these books, but I usually have to start them over again from the beginning!
  • It's a book that has been written in the hope of cashing in on the popularity of another book. I usually discover very quickly that I preferred the original!
  • It wasn't what I was expecting. Similar to the above, I'm easily persuaded into picking up a book with a similar cover to one that I've enjoyed, only to find it's not what I wanted at all.

Do you stick with a book to the bitter end, even if it's not your thing?

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