Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentine's Day toilet roll tube gift boxes

I love crafting with toilet rolls. For sweet little Valentine's Day gifts I took an idea which I used to make toilet roll Easter Bunnies and toilet roll Easter Chicks and made some little Valentine's Day bug gift boxes.

Valentine's Day gift box - child craft

They are so easy to make, and even young children can help. Simply paint a toilet roll red (I used one whole roll and one cut in half). Then stick on some collage bits - scraps of tissue paper, coloured paper, lace and ribbon. The heart cut outs were left over from making our wedding invitations - six years ago!

Glue a heart shaped piece of red card to the bottom to make feet and a base. Then fill with sweets - chocolate hearts, or anything in red or pink paper or foil. Don't forget the googly eyes, and top with some shredded red paper to be the hair. This would be a great little gift if you were making them in large numbers for a whole class, and when the sweets have been eaten they can be used to store small treasures or pens.

Valentine's Day gift box - child craft

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  1. Awe and how cute! A Valentine's Day version too :-)

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty.



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