Monday 25 February 2013

Crochet fail

Another challenge that I wanted to tick off my Day Zero Project list was to learn crochet. Pinterest has a lot to answer for. Despite showing no natural inclination for any craft involving yarn I have rather optimistically assembled a board entitled "Blankets", stuffed with gorgeous examples of colourful granny square blankets. I thought that it would be a lovely long term project.

So I enlisted my faithful Mum to take me shopping for some yarn and tasked her with teaching me to crochet. I hope I've mentioned here before how wonderful my Mum is. She found me some simple instructions to follow, she pointed me in the direction of some useful videos, and then she spent a good amount of time sitting down with me, wincing as I struggled my way through the basics. I forgot everything that she had taught me the minute she left the room, and even when she was sitting right beside me I would generally be crocheting along happily backwards or conjuring up extra stitches from nowhere.

It was quickly becoming clear that crochet was not my craft.

Thankfully once again my Mum stepped in. One thing that I can do is knit, as long as the instructions are very simple, repetitive, and use only basic knit and purl stitches. She purchased me a pattern for a knitted blanket on Ravelry, then she simplified and rewrote the pattern so that I could follow it. I've even managed to make a start on it when she hasn't been here, and I've not messed anything up yet.

I've not got much to show for it yet and there is a long way to go, so I'll save that for another post. I also can't bring myself to tick 'Learn to crochet' off the list yet. I've got some time left to give it another go, perhaps I'll attempt something a little less ambitious next time!

Crochet granny square fail


  1. I was painfully slow when I started crocheting last year, but with a bit of practice, got the hang of it eventually. Honestly it will come, so do keep going! Your first granny square looks great - my first one looked like an elaborate knot! x

    1. The reason that it looks so good is because my Mum was sat next to me while I did it, unpicking the bits I did wrong as I went along! It took me three afternoons to make that...


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