Friday 22 February 2013

Book review - Creative Creatures by Donna Wilson

Today, I am hosting the Creative Creatures blog book tour! Creative Creatures by Donna Wilson (affiliate link) is Donna's first children's book, containing lots of fun and inspiring crafts to make both for and with children. I was asked to choose a craft from the book to make, and I chose the Sock Monster - a fun way to use up one of the many odd socks that we have lying around our house! I also knew that I would be doing the making myself, so I wanted to choose something that Harry would have fun playing with.

Our socks unfortunately aren't as pretty as the ones in the book, but I do have plenty of colourful felt around. This version is the sock in his second incarnation - Harry decided that my first version was too scary. You will notice that he doesn't have arms like the one in the book, this is because Harry runs around chasing Mia with him and I thought that the arms might be a bit hazardous!

Book review - Creative Creatures by Donna Wilson

This is a lovely book, all the crafts can be made with things that most crafty types have around the home, and you only need very basic skills to complete them. The book contains all the patterns and instructions that you need, as well as being illustrated with some gorgeous photographs and some lovely little stories about all the creatures. I did all the sewing for the sock monster but I let Harry choose the colours to use - older children would perhaps be able to get more involved and do some of the making by themselves.

I received a copy of the book to review, but I made the sock monster all by myself. Links to book are affiliate.


  1. Some great makes on here Jennifer. I love to see parents making things with their kids - said she a home educator who made plenty with hers! They're all grown up now but wish this had been around when they were little as it's hard thinking up stuff all the time! Best wishes. x


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