Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sewing a simple doll's dress

This simple doll's dress was another craft inspired by Pinterest! This month I finally made something which I planned quite a while ago - a little dress for Mia's doll. The original dress can be found at The Blueberry Moon as part of a series of doll's clothes. There's a free pattern to download, it's  reversible, and it really is very simple to make. I'm not that great at sewing and I managed it without a sewing machine.

Sew a simple doll's dress

The spotty fabric is from a pillowcase that I bought in Asda (a great source for cheap, colourful fabric!), the flowery fabric is a piece from a fat quarter that I had in my stash. It doesn't take very much fabric to make, and this is the finished dress all sewn up:

Sew a simple dress for a doll

And here it is being modelled by dolly. She is only a small doll (My First Baby Annabell) but I think it may be stretching it a bit to call it a dress as it doesn't offer much in the way of cover! Fortunately we have some trousers for her to wear too so I've been calling it a top!

Sew a dolls top

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  1. Aaaah Jennifer!!! Too cute! Love that you've used your prize too :)
    thanks for entering the challenge, as always.
    Much love,

  2. Do you by chance have the template for this still? Her link no longer works and apparently she hasn't responded to previous comments.

    1. I'm very sorry, I've had a good look through all my files but I can't find it, I think I may have just printed it from the website and not saved it. Sorry about that, I hope you manage to track it down.

  3. After some more searching I did find someone else with a template for it. I am excited because I bought this same pattern to make my daughter a dress out of for her birthday in May. Now her baby doll can have a matching one! Thank you for being so quick to respond as well!

    1. Oh I am glad that you found it, have fun making it!


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