Wednesday 7 August 2013

Worthing Playday 2013

The 7th August 2013 was Playday. Playday is the national day for play in the UK, and as well as a celebration of children's right to play, Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children's lives. Every year, across the UK all sorts of organisations host Playday celebration events. I first encountered Playday the summer after Harry was born, when I met a group of friends at Broadwater Green in Worthing to see what was going on. Our babies were too small to appreciate it, but I remember thinking that it would be wonderful to go along when they were older.

We didn't make it for the next few years, but this year I was much more aware of the campaign, and with two children that are now the perfect ages I took us along. Worthing really does make a good effort. There were lots of stalls with friendly people to chat to, including some of the staff from Harry's old nursery and some ladies that I have chatted to recently on Twitter under my alter ego @worthingmums.

Harry and Mia were most fascinated by two old cars, which were available for the children to decorate with felt pens and plenty of newspaper and wallpaper paste. Harry didn't want to get messy so he wouldn't touch the brushes, but Mia got stuck right in, quite literally!

Worthing Playday 2013

Next door was a massive collection of cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, tape and large pieces of fabric for the children to create with. Harry demanded a pirate ship, but when I stalled creatively he got on with it by himself. He was also fascinated by another little boy dressed up as a robot, although he wasn't too keen when I tried to replicate the look and sellotaped him up inside a cardboard box.

Worthing Playday 2013

Finally, the activity which held their interest for the longest was a huge water play area, with long stretches of raised guttering, buckets of water and an assortment of jugs, ducks and balls. We saved this until last because I could see myself going home with two drenched children. They escaped quite lightly in the end, but only because I narrowly managed to save Mia from a face plant into a water filled tuff spot.

Worthing Playday 2013

There was plenty of other messy play going on as well, with paddling pools filled with shaving foam and a soapy waterslide. There were also quieter activities, with areas for babies to play, ball pits, play dough and crafts, as well as a bouncy castle and face painting.

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