Tuesday 6 August 2013

Review - DollyMix Design craft kits

My blogging friend Kaz from Bubba Babble has recently started a new business - DollyMix Design. Having fallen in love with washi tape like many of us crafters, Kaz has begun putting together some starter kits so that people can try it out for themselves, as well as sharing some ideas and inspiration. I was delighted when she asked me to try out one of the kits and see what ideas I could come up with. I received the Masking Tape Sticker Craft Starter Kit, with contents as shown below.

DollyMix Design craft kits review

Here's what was in my box - five large wooden clothes pegs and ten mini pegs. A pack of washi style masking stickers with 27 sheets of gorgeous designs, a mini canvas, cocktail sticks, a full roll of twine, blank cards and envelopes, mini heart cutouts and plenty of tissue paper. It was packaged to fit neatly through the letter box, and there were also some handy tips for ways to use the different materials.

I decided to start with the mini canvas. Each sticker sheet is divided into strips of different widths with circular stickers at the bottom. They were the perfect width to make a frame for the mini canvas, and I used some scraps of felt and fabric to make a little bird motif for the centre.

DollyMix Design craft kits review

The sticker strips were also just the right size to cover the wooden clothes pegs. I used a glue gun to stick three to the side of our noticeboard in the kitchen to hold odd scraps of paper and photos that Harry brings back from nursery.

DollyMix Design craft kits review

I also used the sticker strips to make little flags from the cocktail sticks. They could be used to decorate cupcakes or party sandwiches, and I expect some of them will end up in the sandpit for sandcastles!

DollyMix Design craft kits review

Next I enlisted the children and we all had a go at some tissue paper flowers. We made them very simply - cut the tissue paper into squares about 8cm wide then layer up five or six sheets of alternating colours. Scrunch them up around a central point, and if you like you can secure them with a staple or tape before stringing them up on the twine to make bunting. They would be a lovely party decoration, and there is plenty of tissue paper and twine to be able to make several strings.

DollyMix Design craft kits review

Finally I tried out card making. It's not something that I've really done much of before, so I kept it simple with some twine and mini pegs and hung up some of the heart cut outs. You could also cut out letters to spell a name or peg up pictures which mean something to the recipient.

DollyMix Design craft kits review

All this crafting, and I still have plenty left in the box!

Disclaimer - I was sent the kit to review.

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