Sunday, 5 October 2014

Being left behind while the husband is away

For the last nine days Ram has been away on a work trip. He started in San Francisco for a conference and then took a trip to Las Vegas, because it's on the way home. Although I'm pretty used to evenings and nights alone, it was by far the longest that he's been away since we had the children, and the furthest apart geographically that we've ever been.

I've been very lucky while he's been away. My Mum came and stayed for a few days which was a great help, and I've been visiting both parents as well as being visited myself by friends. Now that the children are older it's not nearly as hard as it would once have been, and during the week it didn't really feel much different than normal. Of course we all missed Ram, and Harry in particular did seem a little bit unsettled at times, but we've had fun too.

Homemade cookies

I've eaten a few more chocolates and baked a few more batches of cookies than is good for my waistline, especially as I've been missing out on my regular gym trips. I've rewatched a fair bit of Breaking Bad, started up a new crafty project with mini Hama beads and scheduled plenty of blog posts ready for our upcoming holiday.

Mini Hama bead Russian doll

I was very good, and every night but one I resisted the temptation to scoop a child out of their beds and put them in with me when I went to bed - while night time cuddles are lovely children do tend to wake up much earlier when they are in bed with me!

Things have been relaxed a little bit, the children haven't quite managed a bath every night and I've been a bit lazy about tidying up. But they've also become a little more independent - I've been encouraging them to serve themselves to drink and cereal and to help with the tidying and cleaning a bit more.

Children making pizza

Now I'm thinking that it's my turn for a break away somewhere, although I'm not sure I'd want to go quite so far or for quite such a long time!


  1. It's hard when they are away, even though we moan just as much when they are here under our feet. I hope he brings you all something nice back from his trip away and you manage to get a couple of days respite too.

    1. I was well rewarded with a weekend at home to myself which I enjoyed very much, so it wasn't too bad in the end!

  2. When D first moved to Dubai, I found it really tough. He was a long way away and I was on my own with a 1 year old. I definitely had more nighttime cuddles with Potato and still bake more cakes and biscuits than are good for me :)

    1. That must have been really hard, I can't imagine being on my own for much longer, and especially with an even tinier one. At least mine are that bit older now and things are a lot easier.


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