Friday, 21 November 2014

My holiday crafty purchases

I recently returned from an amazing holiday to the US. I'm afraid that you may be hearing rather a lot about it on the blog over the next few weeks. But instead of just travel reports I thought that I'd also share some of the fantastic crafty goodies that I picked up! I can't remember exactly where I bought everything, but I shopped in craft shops Michaels and Jo-Ann (both of which do amazing coupons that you can just show the cashier on your phone, you can sometimes save up to 50% off your most expensive item and 20% off your entire shop). I also found some little bits in Target and WalMart.

I know that most of these things can be sourced in the UK too, but they did work out cheaper and as I don't normally buy so many crafty things at once it was pretty exciting for me!

I bought washi tape, printed fabric tape and patterned Duck Tape. I just can't resist washi tape, especially when it's really cheap, and I found fabric tape, glitter tape and shaped tape.

Coloured duck tape and washi tape

Now I just need to find a way of storing it, as unfortunately my lovely washi tape holder is now woefully inadequate!

Patterned washi tape

I bought Perler beads which look to be the same as Hama beads, but they are stripy! I'm looking forward to playing with these and seeing how they look when they are ironed.

Stripy Perler beads

I also found some Cricut accessories cheaper than at home, including some Cricut vinyl which I've been after for a while. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet but I've seen lots of cool crafts around that I'd like to try.

Finally I used one of my large discount coupons to buy a Smash Book. I think that I'm a bit late to these but I've read about them and they are pretty cool, basically they are just a scrapbook that comes with a fancy pen that has a glue stick on one end, along with a few other stickers, tiny sticky notes and tape to embellish with. I've already done a few pages with some mementoes and notes from our holiday, I'll share how I get on with it when I've completed some more!

New Smash book

Some links in this post are Amazon affiliate links, just in case I've whet your crafty appetite!


  1. I love all the American craft shops but wasn't organised this time to do much shopping. I did get some great duck tape in WalMart and maybe will have to try out these stores next time.

    1. I think that the duck tape came from Walmart, certainly some of the washi tape did. I found that JoAnn was the best craft shop, it's the only place that I saw the stripy Perler beads and they had a huge selection of washi tape which was all discounted.

  2. Ohh look at that crafty goodness! I love glitter washi tape need some more! ESP with xmas coming. I don't own a smash book either can't wait to see your progress x

    1. The glitter washi tape is pretty cool, now that I've started using it I wish I'd bought more! It's going to look really good on our Christmas cards. I love the Smash book too, it was pretty expensive at full price but I think it's worth it with the discount that I had. Not sure what I'll do when it runs out as it's a lot cheaper just to buy a notebook or journal with thick pages!


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