Monday, 24 November 2014

The Christmas Circus at Squire's Washington 2014

This Christmas, Squire's Garden Centre in Washington, West Sussex has an amazing Christmas experience for the family - a Christmas Circus performance as well as the chance to see Father Christmas. Our family was invited along to the preview event.

The Circus show takes place in a circus tent next to the garden centre. Before you go in there's the chance to buy popcorn, other sweets and light up spinning toys.

There is a vague plot to the circus show, with a story about some presents being stolen from under the tree and a search for Santa, which was used to tie the different acts together.

Squire's Washington Christmas Circus review

The clown was very good, and the children thought that he was hilarious, especially when he pulled a poor Dad up from the audience and swung a watering can about. We also saw some exciting circus acts, including a trapeze and super hula hooping.

Squire's Washington Christmas Circus

At the end of course Santa is found, and he ushers everyone to an area behind the seating where the circus performers were handing out presents. It was all done very quickly so fortunately there wasn't too much waiting around, but it did mean that you didn't really get the chance to meet with Santa individually as there were a lot of people and stopping for a photo would cause a hold up. The children were delighted with their presents, the gifts handed out seemed to be ones that would suit young children of most ages and it seemed as though despite working quickly the assistants were trying to match a suitable gift to the child.

Squire's Christmas circus

The circus show itself lasts for about 40 minutes, so it's a decent length show but not too long for very little ones. The whole experience lasts for about an hour. We were sitting just behind the ringside seats, but I would have thought that you'd have a good view from anywhere as the circus tent is not too large and the seats are well positioned.

We received complimentary admission to the preview event.

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