Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas crafting with Springboard Supplies

This Christmas we've been trying out some Christmas crafting kits from Springboard Supplies, a company that specialises in the supply of creative educational resources to schools and other organisations. The craft kits are all sold in packs of 30, perfect for groups of children, and we were sent a selection from the Christmas collection to try out.

We started with some Robin Cards with Feathers. Each crafting pack contains everything that you need to make the crafts along with full instructions. These robin cards are really simple to make, they just need decorating with some festive feathers and you have some sweet little cards to give to loved ones!

Springboard crafts robin cards

Next we made some Reindeer Baskets which will be a great way to present small gifts. They can be decorated with pens, stickers, sequins or any other festive embellishments, then folded up and glued together to form the basket. We made these when we had friends over to visit and it was great to see how each child personalised their basket and then had something to take home at the end of the afternoon.

Reindeer baskets from Springboard crafts

I really love our Triple Tree Decorations. Each one is made from three differently sized pre-cut tree shapes which are decorated and then threaded together. They come with a roll of plastic ribbon, but I used some glittery pipe cleaners to up the sparkle factor, and the children were easily able to thread them together. They'd be brilliant for a group of children where each child could make one to hang on a communal Christmas tree, they can each be personalised but also look great all hung together.

Christmas tree decorations with sequins

One of my favourite childhood Christmas crafting memories is the stained glass window decorations that we would make every year to go on our front door. I remember spending ages on them (although looking back I suspect that it was my Mum that ended up doing most of the work!). These Stained Glass Festive Shapes with pre-cut shapes are an easy way to make some lovely festive window decorations. The coloured paper is really thick, cuts easily without tearing, and comes in a range of different colours, some with glitter and different textures. Even Mia was able to have a good go at these herself, and then we decorated them with lots of swirly sequins.

Festive stained glass window decorations

Finally we decorated some Bauble Cards and Shapes to stick up on the stairs. This is another craft which would be great for a large group or class to make, and then group together for a lovely collaborative display. The pre-cut baubles are nice and big, and the kit comes with a selection of different patterned and shaped pieces, which you can use to make geometric patterns or cut up yourself for your own designs.

Decorated bauble cut outs for Christmas

We really enjoyed making these crafts, have a look at the Springboard Supplies website to see their full range of seasonal crafts and other crafting supplies.

I was sent a selection of craft kits from Springboard to try out in exchange for this review, as well as a selection of Christmassy sequins, glittery pom poms and shiny pipe cleaners.


  1. Wow these are fab! I do love a craft kit, it keeps things easy for both parent and child! Haven't heard of Springboard before.

    1. They are new to me as well but they are worth checking out, they sell some awesome craft kits!


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