Wednesday 9 December 2015

Hama Universe - The free Hama bead app!

As regular readers of my blog will know, in this house we love Hama beads. So much so that I even have a whole Hama bead page! So I'm always interested to hear about new Hama related developments, and the other day I discovered the new Hama bead app Hama Universe.

The app is designed for children aged from 5-7 years old and can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play. I've found that it works better on a tablet as it's a bit fiddly on a smart phone. The trouble with Hama beads is that they aren't particularly portable, so this app is a brilliant way of 'playing' with Hama beads on the go!

On the home screen you can either choose from a huge selection of pegboards, or you can select a theme from Pirates, Circus or Princesses. The pegboards on the main screen are blank for you to come up with your own designs. Those in the themed islands have some colours on the boards to suggest where you could place the beads, although you are free to use whichever colour bead you choose. It's easy to remove a bead that you've placed incorrectly.

Free Hama bead app for children

When you've completed your design you can 'iron' it, and then it will be saved in the app and appear on display in your themed land. Designs that you create using the free pegboards will appear in your Hama bead world, and you can save a picture of them to share with others.

I'm really liking this app and so are the children. There are loads of different boards to play with and it will keep them busy for ages. It's brilliant for fine motor skills, and can also be used as a way of designing creations while out and about that can be made when they get home. If you love Hama beads I'd recommend giving it a go!

Hama Universe app
No compensation received for writing this post, I just wanted to share it!

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