Thursday, 4 August 2016

Review - Opening Fairy Doors

When my daughter was at pre-school, the staff there set up a little area in the garden which they called a fairy garden, and from time to time the fairies would leave little surprises there. Harry noticed this, and he came up with the idea of making a little fairy garden in Mia's room. When she wasn't about, together we made a picture of a little door in the corner of her room, and left her some little presents which she was enthralled with. Harry named her fairy 'Sparkle Star' and she was always asking whether Sparkle Star was watching her.

When I was offered the opportunity to review an Opening Fairy Doors set I knew that it would be the perfect way to extend the story that we had started and to give Sparkle Star's home a bit of an upgrade! There are three sets in this range and we received the Meadow set which is blue - co-incidentally the same as Sparkle Star's favourite colour. The other sets are pink and purple and it would be fun to set up doors in the rooms of several children - to be honest even though Harry is in on the game I think that he'd love one too!

Opening Fairy Door set in box

The set includes everything that you need to create a magical fairy world in the child's own room. There is a large door that opens and closes, a window, two little fences and a sturdy post box. The set also includes removable wall stickers, an official certificate, a little bag so that the fairy can send small gifts, some glitter, and a set of three tiny notepaper and envelope sets for fairy sized correspondence.

Opening Fairy Door set contents

The sturdy plastic pieces are attached to the wall using removable sticky pads which I found easy to use and the parts stuck well to the wall. I've not tried to remove it yet, but I've used similar sticky pads before which have removed without a trace. The only slight issue is that the tabs are very visible when all the parts are stuck to the wall, and although I could cut them off this would then mean that they couldn't be easily removed.

Magical opening fairy door set for child

Behind the door and window are some glimpses into fairyland, and it would be easy enough to change these backgrounds yourself if you wanted to. The letter box is large and you could use it for small presents too. There is a lot of detail in the accessories, I love how the little fences make it look like a proper house, and the tiny door knob and moulded frame makes the door look very life like.

Magic fairy door for child's room review

Mia was thrilled to come home and find her new fairy door waiting for her, and got straight down to writing a letter to Sparkle Star to welcome her. In return, the next morning she received a little note from the fairy and the sheet of wall stickers, which she immediately went to work with!

Fairy door decorated with stickers

I think that we are going to be having a lot of fun exchanging tiny letters and gifts with our fairy!

I was sent an Opening Fairy Doors set in exchange for this review. The set retails for £14.99 and can be purchased from

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