Tuesday 2 August 2016

Crafting is my Therapy August 2016

Welcome to Month 7 of the Crafting is my Therapy linky, hosted by myself and Me, You and Magoo. It's lovely to see so many people joining in, and we hope that you can join us this month!

The summer holidays are in full swing now, and it's been a busy couple of weeks with not much time for crafting. We've been away for over a week and so I'm running a bit behind on my Sky Blanket - I need to make sure that I don't let it slip because the longer I leave it the harder it will be to catch up!

I do have a new cross stitch project in mind though, and as it's been a while since I've done any cross stitch I thought I'd share the two samplers that I have completed and which I'm very proud of. I'm a slow stitcher as I'm more about the process rather than the product - I like having a large piece to work on which will take me a long time rather than filling up my house with lots of tiny ones!

This first sampler was finished soon after I married, so was worked on during those carefree and childfree days when we were lucky enough to be doing a lot of travelling, probably why the inscription jumped out at me. It is worked on linen rather than the aida that I'd used before, which I was a bit daunted by at first but was really pleased with how it turned out.

Cross stitch sampler with house

This second sampler was definitely a long term project, in fact I think it took me about 7 years to complete, on and off! It is very large and there is a lot of stitching in there but I loved doing it. It's called Three Things by Moira Blackburn, and I'd love to complete another of her samplers one day.

Three Things by Moira Blackburn cross stitch sampler


  1. 7 years wow that is a long time but it was worth it, it's lovely I like finished look of cross stitch but find I get bored after a while with it

  2. Gosh you've just reminded me of all the cross stitch projects I used to do...I did one with types of whisky for my hubby a long time ago. I wonder where it went. Yours are marvellous!

  3. They are impressive! Lots of hard work has gone into each piece but they are something you can treasure for many years #craftingismytherapy

  4. Wow, so detailed. I often avoid bigger projects because I think I'll lose interest, but its a good point when you say creating one big thing is worth the effort rather than having lots of little items around the house. Beautiful #craftingismytherapy


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