Monday, 6 March 2017

The Debenhams Big Lego Challenge

I have been invited by Debenhams to take part in The Big Lego Challenge along with a group of other families. I couldn't resist the opportunity to take part, especially as there is a prize on offer of even more Lego! We were provided with a Lego set and a timer, and asked to come up with the most adventurous creation that we could in just 15 minutes. I decided to ask Harry to take part in the challenge, as he really loves his Lego and has built some awesome things over the last few years.

The set that we were given was the Volcano Supply Helicopter. Harry knew what the pieces in the set would build, but I wanted him to try and come up with something different using the pieces, so I emptied them all out into a big pile and mixed them up.

Pile of Lego pieces

After a couple of minutes for him to contemplate the different pieces, I set the timer for 15 minutes and off he went.

Child contemplating a pile of Lego

He knew that he wanted to make some kind of vehicle, so he started by building the wheel base from the kit, then used the pieces from the helicopter to make a cabin to go on top.

Child building with Lego

The grabber pieces inspired him to make a vehicle that could pick things up, and so he decided to make a flying machine that would go the the dump and pick out pieces that could be recycled, then transport them to the recycling centre. He knew exactly how he wanted to build it!

Debenhams Big Lego Challenge

You can see a quick video below of him making his model and then talking about it and what it can do. He was very proud of his creation and I think it shows a lot of imagination. Since the challenge finished he has spent a lot of time refining it and adding to his model, and it was really fun for him to come up with something himself rather than building the kit in the usual way.

Here he is, very proud of what he built!

Child with his Lego creation

You can see the full Debenhams Lego range here - Debenhams Lego Store.

We were provided with a Lego set and a timer so that we could take part in the challenge.

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