Monday, 18 July 2011

Homemade cardboard car wash

Harry loves car washes! Well he's never actually been in one (we're not really ones to wash our car) but he is fascinated by the idea of them. So I made him a simple car wash for his toy cars using a suitably shaped rectangular cardboard box.

How to make a cardboard car wash toy

The box is a sturdy nappy box that I cut down to size. I cut windows down the sides, and then painted it with white emulsion paint. There is bubblewrap on the bottom of the car wash and at one end I made long strips of felt hanging down. There is a scouring pad cut in half to make sponges down the side and details are added with felt pens.

How to make a cardboard car wash toy

It was a big hit! Harry recognised immediately what it was and couldn't wait to start pushing his cars through it. 

How to make a cardboard car wash toy

Next I'm thinking I should try and make a waterproof one out of plastic that he can take in the bath with him!

How to make a cardboard car wash toy

If you have a toddler that is obsessed with the car wash, find lots of car wash games, activities and crafts over on Toddler Things, my other blog!

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