Monday 25 July 2011

Spontaneous day out

Sometimes the best days out are those which aren't planned in advance! We had a brilliant day yesterday with two very well behaved little ones, and we nearly came home straight after our weekly shop at Asda!

Instead we braved the traffic and headed into Brighton to see the dinosaurs in Churchill Square Shopping Centre. There was a collection of moving, roaring dinosaurs right in the middle of the shopping centre. Harry wasn't sure at first, but once he settled down he loved it! He was pointing and giggling every time they roared. I tried really hard to get a good photo of Harry looking at the camera, but he wouldn't take his eyes off the dinosaurs! We've seen the one in the middle before at the Natural History Museum, they are all very good.

Seeing the dinosaurs in Brighton
We had lunch at Pizza Hut, then we headed down to the seafront and Ram took Harry to the Sealife Centre while I sat on the beach and fed Mia. It was such a lovely sunny day.
Then, after a quick return visit to the dinosaurs, we drove down to the Marina and went for a short walk to see the boats.

We were very pleased with ourselves for managing such a long and busy day out, with very little fuss from either little one! Mia spent most of the day in the baby carrier asleep, and Harry was so excited by everything.

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