Sunday 18 September 2011

High Salvington Windmill Open Day

This afternoon we went up the road to the High Salvington Windmill Open Day. We paid £1 per adult which included a tour of the windmill. They assured us that it would only take 20 minutes, so we decided that the little ones were probably up to that. Unfortunately it lasted a little longer than that (nearly an hour!), and so they were both a bit fractious by the end. Harry was desperate to get inside the windmill, and then once inside just as eager to get out again!

High Salvington Windmill Open Day

There were very narrow steps up inside, and Harry had a bit of a wobble at the very top and had to be carried down. So we calmed him down with a sit down and the pot of Cheerios that I am usually carting about with me.

High Salvington Windmill Open Day

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  1. I seem to remember having a bit of a wobble on the steps too, they are very steep. Didn't get Cherios though xoxoxoxoxo


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