Saturday 3 September 2011

Mummy the milk factory

I wasn't much good at expressing my milk the first time round. I thought that I could just express a bottle as and when I needed it, and then got frustrated when I couldn't get much out. So I gave up.

Second time around I was more organised. I started pumping regularly when Mia was a few weeks old. First thing in the morning, I could usually get out at least 4 ounces, a lot of which went into bags in the freezer.We also made sure to get Mia used to a regular bottle early on, because with Harry I came to a point where I was ready to stop breastfeeding, and he refused to drink from a bottle which caused a lot of upset for us both.

Regular expressing has been a really successful approach, and I do feel that my milk supply is much better this time round. It just means that I have to make the time most days to express, and it does make me feel a bit like a factory, so I can't say I'll be sorry when it comes to an end!

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