Thursday 1 September 2011

Sleeping arrangements

We've had a bit of a breakthrough with Mia's evening sleeping. Since she was about two weeks old she had been sleeping in the swinging chair in the living room with us. We would readily admit that this was lazy parenting, she was very screamy and hard to settle, and the swinging chair sent her straight to sleep and let us relax. Obviously this could only ever be a temporary arrangement, so with some trepidation on Monday we put her into her cot after her early evening feed and left her to see what would happen.

To our surprise, she cried for less than five minutes before going quiet. She did wake up again a couple of times, but again only for a few minutes and then went back to sleep for over an hour. The next two evenings she settled in her cot at bedtime, again after only a couple of minutes of tired whimpering, and slept until we went up to bed at around 10.30pm!

It's early days yet and I know that baby's sleep can change for no apparent reason, but hopefully we've broken the evening swinging chair habit at least. Now if only we could get her to sleep during the night for longer than a three hour stretch then we'd be winning!

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