Tuesday 6 September 2011

Collage baskets for arts and crafts

My little ones have always enjoyed making collage pictures, even from a very young age, and I've always kept a few baskets around full of bits and pieces for collage and sticking. I give them a handful of scraps, some white PVA glue in a plastic pot with a spreader, and something to stick to. Either flat coloured paper or cardboard, or something solid like a toilet roll tube or cardboard box from the recycling bin. Then I can get a quick activity going within minutes!

Collage baskets for toddlers

Some ideas for things to collect together:

Plain and patterned flat collage bits:

Ribbons - collect from posh chocolate boxes or flowers if you're lucky, or hanging loops on clothes
Cut up old clothes for pieces of lace and fabric embellishments
Scrap pieces of coloured paper and card left over from other projects, either torn out or cut into shapes
Blocks of colour or pattern from junk mail and magazines
Paper napkins in different colours and patterns, paper doilies, confetti
Tin foil
Bows and embellishments from greetings cards
Felt and fabric scraps
Coloured tapes - washi tape, shiny gift wrapping tape or electrical tape in different colours

Scraps of coloured paper

3D collage bits:

Coloured pom poms
Coloured fun foam shapes
Silk flowers
Shredded coloured paper
Pipe cleaners
Lollipop sticks, cocktails sticks
Dried pasta in different shapes, lentils, beans, seeds (sunflower, pumpkin...)
Sand, sugar, salt, flour


Collect pictures cut from magazines, catalogues, junk mail, greetings cards. TV magazines and toy catalogues will have pictures of favourite characters, baby magazines (try the free supermarket ones) will have pictures of baby equipment, babies and children. Keep a pair of scissors by the recycle bin! If you want specific pictures then I find Google Images to be a really useful resource.

Pictures cut from magazines

More ideas:
  • If you have some shaped punches you can make a collection of cutouts in different colours.
  • Go out into the garden or park for leaves, twigs, grass, flowers and so on.
  • A fun way to make collages is to use some clear sticky backed plastic. Expose half of the sticky side and sprinkle on sequins or glitter or pieces of tissue paper, then fold over to seal them inside. You could use as a sun catcher or as the insert for a greetings card.

What do you find yourself collecting for collages?


  1. I don't let Laura have spare ribbons and buttons, those are mine! But she does get fabric and felt offcuts. And she has some coloured feathers, that's the only thing I can think of that we have that you don't! Putting it all in one box is a good idea. We have separate ones and it's a pain to haul everything out.

  2. I have boxes of bits I have collected up, we haven't really done much making recently, but with the weather getting worse I think we'll be doing lots more inside stuff! Collages are a great idea. :)


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