Friday 9 September 2011

Felt lavender bags

When we moved into our house, we were lucky enough to inherit loads of mature lavender bushes which lined the front path and door. When the time came to move out, I made sure that I harvested plenty of the lavender to dry and use for lavender bags!

Felt lavender bags craft

I bought some felt in the sale in Hobbycraft once to have a go at felt crafting. Because it was in the sale, it is a selection of rather vibrant and some quite hideous colours. This was great for some projects but a bit too bold for others. But I like to make the best of what I've got, so I had a go at some lavender bags. I dug into my collection of buttons and ribbons (neither of which I have ever bought, they just seem to accumulate). I made:

Blue heart lavender bag

Blue heart. Claimed immediately by Harry. I have just noticed that the blue top I am currently wearing has a button missing which looks suspiciously like the ones on this heart. Never mind.

Pink felt lavender bag

Pink heart. Given to Mia by Harry. No input at all from me here, are children born believing that blue is for boys and pink is for girls? Harry did wear pink vests and flowery Grobags as a baby though.

Sunflower lavender bag

A yellow flower. Left over for me by default, but my favourite anyway. We've all got them in our drawers to make our clothes smell nice. I didn't think that Ram would appreciate one, maybe he will get one from round two.

Felt lavender bag selection

I'm quite pleased with them, as a first effort from a keen but not very competent sewer. Which one do you like best?


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