Friday, 23 September 2011

Sunflower Mosaic Stepping Stone

I'm really proud of this garden mosaic stepping stone which is made from a kit by Tracey Cartledge.

Sunflower mosaic stepping stone

This kit includes everything that you need to make the mosaic stepping stone. I must admit that when I opened the kit I was a little bit daunted, as the pieces of tile were much larger than I expected and in irregular shapes that didn't match the pattern. I borrowed a pair of tile nippers, but I didn't find them very easy to use.

In the end though I discovered that by putting the pieces into a plastic bag and breaking them up with a hammer I could make them small enough to fill the design nicely and it was quite easy to arrange the tiled pieces to fit the pattern. The finished piece is more fragmented than the original design on the website and I'm not sure that I could ever have made the tile pieces into the correct shapes for the petals, but I'm very pleased with how it looks.

Sunflower mosaic stepping stone

The kit was really easy to follow, and a link is provided in the kit to a YouTube video to show you how to complete it which was really helpful. I have another kit to complete now, a poppy this time, and I think that they will both look lovely out in the garden!


  1. Your version is much nicer than the one on the website, it looks like a real mosaic xoxox

  2. Really glad that you like it, thanks for the lovely comments!

  3. I agree. It does look better than the original. Just lovely.


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