Friday 23 September 2011

Make a Monster Kit - Toddler Busy Bag Activity

This Make-a-Monster kit is really easy to put together and would be perfect for a long car or plane journey, or a quick activity to pull out when you need to amuse your toddler for a few minutes. You can make it using bits and pieces from around the house or craft cupboard, and it all fits neatly into a sandwich bag to take out and about with you. It's a great Halloween craft for little ones that can't handle anything too spooky.

Make a monster toddler busy bag

The basic monster's head is made from a large brown piece of felt. If you have several children then it's a good idea to make at least one for each child, perhaps in different shapes and colours. Then I used different colours of felt to cut out some suitable monster shapes - for example sharp teeth, tongues, eyebrows and different shapes which can be used for spots or other markings. They eyes are made from some black buttons sewn onto a white felt background.

Make a monster busy bag kit for children

I also gathered together some coloured shredded paper which can be used for hair, beards or anything else that the child can imagine, as well as short pieces of pipe cleaners and pieces of coloured craft foam. You could also add shapes made from coloured paper and card, scraps of material for clothing, coloured tissue paper or even little objects like paper clips and dried pasta shapes - the possibilities are endless!

I love these re-sealable bags from Ikea to use for my toddler busy bag activities. They come in a range of different sizes so I can always find one that suits what I'm looking for! Here is the Make a Monster kit all packed away:

Make a monster busy bag kit

It takes up hardly any space to store, when you've finished playing, just scoop it all back into the bag ready for another day.

I've written about a few Halloween crafts for young children which you might also enjoy, like these super simple Halloween window decorations. My children also really enjoyed their Halloween sensory tub and Halloween ice block excavation activity. Finally if you are planning a Halloween party for young children you might enjoy my post with some Halloween party ideas for little ones.

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