Sunday 17 June 2012

Blackstock Farm, Hellingly

Today is Open Farm Sunday, when farms across the country open their gates to the public, often for free. It's a brilliant idea, and has been taking place since 2006. We were spoiled for choice when we looked up the farms open near to us. After spending some time making a decision, we chose to visit Blackstock Farm near Hellingly. Although not the closest, it looked as though it had plenty to see and do and would be worth the journey.

We arrived soon after it opened which was a good move, because it was very busy later on. This meant that Harry was first into the outdoor play area. He had been whinging about having to walk, but as soon as he caught sight of all the ride on toys there was no stopping him. His favourite was a tractor with digger attachment. There was also lots of outdoor play equipment, and a large sandpit with plenty of toys.

Open Farm Sunday at Blackstock Farm near Hellingly

Not to be outdone, Mia was keen to join in so we found her a tractor of her own. I promise she had hair clips in when we left the house, I've no idea what she did with them!

Open Farm Sunday at Blackstock Farm near Hellingly

At 10am the real tractor rides started, and we went on a nice bouncy ride around the farm. It's located in a really beautiful setting and the tractor took us past some of the fields and then out past a little stream with some lovely flowers. Rejuvenated from a sit down we let Harry loose on the bouncy castle, with Mia on the sidelines as usual. She is so close to walking, it won't be long before she can join in with him!

Open Farm Sunday at Blackstock Farm near Hellingly

Then we went for a walk around the farm. There were all the usual farm animals to see, with plenty of chickens and a scary turkey.

Open Farm Sunday at Blackstock Farm near Hellingly

We were really glad that we made the journey over, as there was plenty more to do than just see the animals. A lovely day out, and for free, even better!

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