Wednesday 13 June 2012

Dear Dad...

So this weekend it's Father's Day. I'm not really one for soppy posts, but when I saw another blogger looking for people to write an open letter to their Dads or other father figures I thought that I would like to join in. So I've compiled a list of just ten happy memories of my Dad from all the lovely ones that I have.

Dad, if you're reading I hope that you don't mind, that you like them, and that you remember them too! Leave a comment, go on!

  • Going into the school in the holidays where he taught chemistry to do experiments - separating salt from sand, developing photographs and doing chromatography with felt tips.

  • Taking me for walks on the Downs after I moved down to Worthing and before I had a job.

  • Helping me make revision timetables for GCSE exams. I did them the same way for all the exams that I ever took!

  • Bringing home computers from school in the school holidays for us to play on, along with the games that he had confiscated from the boys.

  • Teaching me how to use a hammer and nails in the garage and helping me make furniture for my Barbies.

  • Embarassing me in front of my friend by talking about his dangly bits on a camping holiday (the toggles on his sleeping bag that is).

  • Telling me that there were chocolate coins on top of the clouds.

  • Taking me to and picking me up from the pub (he still does from time to time!)

  • Taking part in the bean bag and bucket race at Sport's Day and injuring his knee really badly.

  • Making mulled wine at Christmas.

So many more, but I had to stop somewhere!

Baby with grandparents


  1. He has read it and was suitably impressed :) He doesn't remember the one about the chocolate buttons! Can I just say that the photo was taken on the day we were called out at 4:30am, and we are not looking at our best....

  2. That's a beautiful post. I love the idea of chocolate coins on the top of clouds!

  3. Thank you! I flew for the first time aged about 12 and was most disappointed to find that he had made it up!

  4. I remember most of the others but not that one! I remember the 'dangly bits'. Oh dear.

    You can't have chocolate coins on the clouds, they'd melt, because 'the sun's always shining two miles up'...

    1. That's true about the chocolate coins, I never thought of that!

  5. Oh dear. So sorry to hear he hurt himself at Sports Day. Hope he's suitably recovered from that.
    And it's a parents' job to embarrass their child. I'm looking forward to mine growing up a bit so I can embarrass them.
    Thanks for linking up honey x

    1. Well it was quite a serious injury, I do remember that an operation was required! He's fine now though, still mountain biking his way through retirement.

  6. Fathers are supposed to be embarrassing to their children, or that's what my husband tells our children anyway! Some lovely things to remember, and I agree with you, lovely natural pic of the parents!

  7. Dad's are really special people. It's lovely to have the excuse to tell them so every now and again. :-)

  8. Lovely post, I can so tell how much you adore your Dad...he sounds so fab! x


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