Wednesday 3 April 2013

Washi tape frame

I knew that it wouldn't be long before everything plain that I owned was decorated with washi tape! Next up was this washi tape covered picture frame.

Simple washi tape frame craft

After making my washi tape butterfly box I've been looking around for inspiration, and I found a plain Ikea picture frame which is part of a project which has been forgotten for a while. These Ram frames are very cheap in Ikea, I bought them a little while ago but I'm sure they were only a couple of pounds for a pack of three. They are completely unfinished though, and they only have thick plastic instead of glass.

plain ikea ram picture frame

Covering things with washi tape is very easy, because if you make a mistake you can simply pull it off and start again, even reusing the same piece of tape. You need to do a bit of planning if you are using tape with stripes on, to make sure that they stripes all go the way that you want them to. I decided that I wanted the outer edges of the frame covered with washi tape, but I didn't need the inner edges to be covered.

I used two different tapes to cover it - thicker tape with stripes and thinner plain tape. I was really pleased with it! Next was to find something to go inside the frame and it turned out to be this Felt Name Picture - Harry.

Washi tape frame simple craft


  1. I've got some of those frames - and now I know what I'm going to do with them!

  2. Tell the truth Jen you bought the frames because of the name didn't you ;o)

    1. Well the name did mean that they caught my eye!

  3. love it!
    I might have to look into Washi tape, thanks for sharing your ideas :)


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