Monday 1 April 2013

Easter Egg hunting

I have very fond memories of the Easter Egg hunts organised for us when we were little (and not so little) by my parents, and so it is definitely something that I'll be doing each year for my children.

I have decided that I won't be starting an Easter Bunny tradition; he seems to have morphed into something akin to Father Christmas, bringing not just chocolate eggs but also baskets full of presents. Instead I took the children to Asda and let Harry choose his own Easter Egg, so he is very clear where it has come from!

Because of the differences in age and ability between Harry (4) and Mia (22 months), this year I organised two Easter Egg hunts. The first was aimed more at Harry. I took all the Easter Eggs that I had for them, both from us and other family members, and made them the grand prize. Then I put together a series of clues which I hid around the house in plastic Easter Eggs leading to the eggs. Last year I drew a picture of where to find the next clue, this year I stepped it up a bit and wrote out a proper clue, things like "Is it morning yet?" which led to his Groclock, or "Socks on!" which is one of Mia's favourite phrases at the moment and led to her sock drawer. He caught on pretty quickly and loved looking for the clues.

Small child hunting for Easter Eggs

For the second Easter Egg hunt Harry and I hid tiny chocolate eggs around his bedroom and they used small baskets which we made at toddler group to collect the eggs in. Harry was really keen to help Mia find the eggs, and he helped me to make some arrows on pieces of paper to point to where the eggs were. Of course she didn't pay much attention to the arrows, but once she realised what she was looking for she was charging about grabbing eggs, including ones from Harry's basket to his dismay!

Small child hunting for Easter Eggs

Finally, this year I decided that there was no point sitting around and waiting in vain for someone to buy me an Easter Egg, so on our trip to Asda I treated myself to one just for me. The first time I have had my own proper Easter Egg in ages!

Did you do an Easter Egg hunt yesterday?


  1. I see Mia had a mad hair day!

  2. Looks like great fun, might do that 1st one next year. We just hid some plastic eggs with a few mini eggs inside in my parent's garden.

    1. We should have done it in the garden really, that would have been better!

  3. I love the idea of clues - we drew a map this year, but I think that may have been more fun for my son's dad & his bud (who drew it) than the kids -- maybe we'll give clues a go next time.


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