Wednesday 27 March 2013

Washi tape butterfly box

I can't remember where I first encountered washi tape, although I suspect that Pinterest was involved. Washi tape is basically pretty patterned sellotape, and it originates from Japan. I tried to buy some in my local Hobbycraft at the end of last year, but I could only find a couple of rolls and it seemed very expensive. Then we went on holiday to Orlando and I found lots, very cheap, in Michaels, so I bought myself a few rolls to have a play with. Of course, on my next trip to Hobbycraft I found that they had suddenly started stocking it, and now of course it's everywhere!

How to make a washi tape gift box

The tape had been sitting unused for too long while I looked for a project, when I re-discovered a blank cardboard butterfly box, another Hobbycraft purchase. I think that the box may be intended to be used for decopatch, but it was very cheap (about 50p) and I knew that I could do something pretty with it.

So I present my first foray into the world of washi tape - my butterfly box! The edges are covered with two different rolls of washi tape, and the top is painted with pink acrylic paint and decorated with a cutout of a butterfly from an old greetings card. I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet, at the moment it is just sitting in the bathroom looking pretty.

How to make a washi tape gift box

Now, everywhere I look around the house I can see items that would look a lot better with a coating of washi tape! My next effort was a simple washi tape frame, I've also made washi tape gift tags, and I've even made some special washi tape storage so that I can keep my favourite rolls on display.

If you are thinking about having a go with washi tape, I've found lots of inspiration in this collection of washi tape projects from Red Ted Art, or just search for washi tape on Pinterest and you'll find hundreds of projects!


  1. Looks great, I've yet to buy any washi tape, but think I might soon as it looks fun. And quite a quick craft too-hate waiting for paint to dry! x

  2. Looks so pretty! So many ideas now thanks for sharing! X

  3. Looks so pretty! So many ideas now thanks for sharing! X


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