Friday 8 March 2013

Day Zero Project - Write five guest posts for other blogs

I've written quite a lot about my Day Zero Project list - it's really inspiring me to do lots of things and I would definitely recommend giving it a go! One of the things on my list was to write five guest posts for other blogs, and I achieved that this week. So here are the posts that I wrote:

Two bloggers very kindly offered to host a guest post back when I originally blogged about it. For Smiles and Trials I wrote about my screen-free childcare fail and for Mum of Three World I shared a simple Spring flowers craft.

Kids Days Out Reviews pointed me in the direction of the Trunki blog, where I wrote a post about tips for flying with young children.

The final two guest posts were written in response to requests in groups that I saw - The Bump Wear Project and my pregnancy Mama Must Haves and Emmy's Mummy with some homemade bird seed cakes.

I really enjoyed writing all these posts, if you'd like a guest post from me then please just ask!

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