Wednesday 13 March 2013

Doing a jigsaw

I've recently started doing jigsaws again. After challenging myself to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw as part of my Day Zero Project and then being lucky enough to receive some lovely jigsaws as review items my interest has been reignited. I think it's because they appeal to my love of sorting and organising, and bringing order to chaos. 

Jigsaw pieces

Fortunately my Mum loves jigsaws too so I have a collection to borrow from, as well as a few old favourites that I've had for years. I find that I can work on a jigsaw and be completely absorbed, and yet my mind is still free to wander and think over ideas and problems.

It's much easier to have a jigsaw on the go now that the children are older and less likely to come along and wreck it. Harry has shown a real interest, and for the last couple of days he's sat at the dining table with me doing his own jigsaws. Mia tries to help by sticking pieces in at random, and holding pieces up to me to ask where they go. One day perhaps we'll all be able to sit down and do one together!

I've been trying to choose jigsaws that are a good size, but not too taxing. I've found that I can complete a 1000 piece jigsaw in less than a week, and it's really satisfying to finish one. It's also addictive, as I keep popping back to it at short intervals throughout the day when the children are occupied (before they come to find me and want to help).

Jigsaw pieces

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  1. I love jigsaws, always have one on the go. My challenge is to put a piece on every time I pass.


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