Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Simple Cricut Mini craft - Washi tape gift tags

I was recently lucky enough to receive a fabulous Cricut Mini to review. While I'm getting to know the machine I've been making a few little projects, and I'm sharing my very first one here. I recently discovered washi tape, and I've been using for a few little crafty makes. These little gift tags are made with washi tape on card stock and cut out using the Cricut. Of course, if you don't have a Cricut, you can just cut them out by hand.

Washi tape gift tags made using the Cricut Mini

Watch my how to video for a full demonstration and to see the Cricut Mini in action:

The gift tags are very simple to make up. Take a sheet of light cardstock and run a few strips of washi tape across the top. Make sure to stick it down firmly. Lay it down on the cutting mat and open up the Cricut Craft room software on the PC.

Washi tape gift tags made using the Cricut Mini

For the gift tag template I used a shape that came free with the Cricut Mini. It's from the Something to Celebrate cartridge. Under the D├ęcor tab, it's called HvngPrty. I enlarged it slightly, then copied and pasted it across the screen to make three tags. The layout on your screen corresponds exactly to the cutting mat that you are using so you can work out where to position your shapes.

Washi tape gift tags made using the Cricut Mini

I used the setting for medium card stock which worked fine and the shapes were cut beautifully.

Washi tape gift tags made using the Cricut Mini

Once the card stock is removed from the machines, peel it away and reveal your lovely gift tags! I added some ribbon through the top. The space at the bottom is perfect for adding the name of the recipient.

Washi tape gift tags made using the Cricut Mini

If you have a Cricut or similar cutting machine there are many different craft projects that they can be used for. If you are looking for downloadable SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) files that you can use for all sorts of crafts like bags, shirts and mugs, have a look here for some options - Design Bundles.


  1. This is brilliant. Love the video demo, it really makes it look easy. Very interested in reading your full review.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm a bit nervous about doing videos so I'm glad that it worked :)

  2. I have one of these! Sooo much fun and I love the idea of using washi tape. I have loads here and never thought of using it with the cricut. I must try this!


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